Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Science blog

Week: 9/10 
We had to do a plan for our push and pull playgrounds or a balloon powered car or a push and a push and a pull boardgame.

My plan for my push and pull playground:
At the start I designed how and where I wanted my stuff.
This is where I wanted to put everything and what everything was.

Then I listed everything that I need 
They were.
Tooth picks 
glue gun 
Card board 
Paper clips 

I wrote down who I was working with.
I am working with Margo and Ella. M 

After that I wrote who was bringing what.

Then we wrote down the steps.


I think that the monkey bars, slide, swing, platforms and firemans pole. 

I think that they were working well because the first time that we made the playground we were very excited so we rushed it. It looked horrible so the next day we when back and had a look, we thought that it would of been better if we restarted it so we did. Then the second time we made the playground we said this already looks  better and we are prouder. 

A struggle that I found was hot gluing and cutting the popsicle sticks and toothpicks and skewers. 

I think that they were hard to cut because we were using blunt scissors.
We were using blunt scissors because everyone else had all the other scissors and they wouldn't share. 

Where will I go from here: 
I think that I am going to try not make so much of a mess and not just talk to other people. I also do not want to be like some people and go up do Kiri or Danielle and say do you have a hot glue stick in your pocket, do you have this, do you have that? 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Science blog

Introduction: what is force
Force is a strength used in our everyday lives.
If an object is moving ( like a scooter ) it will stop if it hits an object because of the still force.
A toy car needs a push force to move, so if a push force does not push it, it will not move.
A car needs a forward force to move forward.
If you write in a book gravity keeps your arm on the 
book as you write.
To go canoeing you need to push and pull the oar because when you need to move you have to push the oar down one side so you are pulling the otherside. 


Material you will need:


How you make a push and pull rocket balloon:
Tie one end of string to some type of surface or tape it to some type of surface.

Get the other end and pull it through the straw. Pull it firm then attach the other end to another surface in the room.

Blow the balloon up then pinch the end so the air doesn't come out. DON'T TIE THE BALLOON.
Get the tape and double side it so then you can tape it to the balloon and the straw.

As you are holding the balloon shut pull the balloon all the way back. Then let it go and if you want have another student or friend marking where it finishes.

The data that I gathered was the string length, we measured this so we could see the different push and pull force.
The data that we gathered was string angle, balloon size, straw length, tension, time and we had to record notes.     

What variables did I change: 
I changed the balloon size from 25cmX19cm  to 29cmX30cm and the result was better because the balloon went faster than the first three attempts, I recon it was better because there was more air in it so it was faster. 

What did I learn:
I learnt that if you put two balloons  on one straw it slows it down because one of the balloons deflate faster than the other one.

How can I use my knowledge with  push and pull force. I can use it in the playground. My sister doesn't know anything about the push and pull force so I will teach her about the push and pull force.
This is new learning for me because at the start I didn't know what some of the science vocabulary. 


Here you put your string up where you want to.

With the straw.

Then you blow the balloon.

Here you check to see if the balloon is the right size.

Get something or someone to hold it shut then add tape.

Attach the balloon with the tape to the straw so the air loop is facing the opposite way.  

Let the air loop go.

Then see how far the balloon goes down the string and how long it takes the balloon to travel down to the end.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Science Blog

Week 7 
What I have done?
We got to choose out of two push and pull activities they were chair pulley and mini golf I choose chair pulley because it looked fun and I have a mini golf course at home and I made that myself so I already knew everything about that.

What I found out?
I found out that if we were going to pull the container up if you let it go it would break because of the force so we had to but some string so it could but the stick underneath it so it wouldn't break have a look at the photo.

What I wonder?
I wonder why the force of it when you let it go why does it break and I also wonder how do the string wind up we it is over a toilet roll.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Autumn writing

The leaves are falling. the leaves are orange, red and some are still green. The birds are tweeting. The weather is warm, cold and windy. 

There are children going crazy running around on the wet field doing what they shouldn't be doing.
   The heaters are on in the class people are  still cold while
People are running round like it summer.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

High Ropes

I’m thinking yea yea I have this under control. I know what to do and how to do it, only because I have been to clip and climb and that was easy.

 I wondered if I could do it or if it is safe. 

I’m shaking in fear. I feel white and sick because the high ropes are moving with me. I was wobbling and thinking how far can I go from here it was so thin it was like I was going to fall of. 

I say I want to get down to Margarette and Thomas. They get Graham and ask him if they can let me down, and he says yes they let me down slowly, and then I’m on the ground I was happy because, I got to the top of it. I was still shaken.

 I wondered if I could do a trick on the top.

Overall I was really proud of myself because I got to the top but I was still shaky. I was also immensely proud. 


I am pink with black polka dots, 
She has not seen me for days.. she races past. I am lying here in the dark thinking what have I done wrong. I am sliding across the draw getting scratched and marked  even more than what I was. I was thinking about all of this because I was wondering why did she actually leave me…?
Then I saw her open the draw. I said to myself she remembered about me. My owner puts me on and wipes me with this type of blue soft thing known as a glasses cloth, it’s like a big fluffy blanket getting wrapped round you which makes you feel warm.
As she is putting me on we walk outside and I get a sense of happiness because she has   not forgotten about me.

Autumn poem

A whisper of gust flows past me.
Water flicks off the leaves as it floats side to side. Firing leaves get kicked over and around the dripping wet grass. The crispy colorfully leave crinkly under my cold and wet feet.